Designing A Distinctive Custom Made Dress Shirt

A custom made dress shirt adds the final personal and professional touch to a fully tailored custom suit. It also provides a level of comfort and freedom that is difficult to find in a ready-made piece of clothing that is manufactured according to generic size specifications. A master shirt maker is a skilled individual who is able to turn a collection of measurements into a precisely fitting garment that will last for a very long time when cared for properly. Custom dress shirts allow the wearer to define a number of different options that will result in a very specific appearance in the final product.


The most visible and defining part of a custom made dress shirt is the collar. The fold of fabric is clearly visible at all times even when wearing a suit, vest or sweater. There are several different types of collars available. Spread collars are the most commonly recognized variety. These can be simple and traditional or could include other features such as buttons near the points or a facing made from differently colored fabric. Club collars are popular with some people and have rounded edges instead of sharp points. A tabbed collar provides a more formal and stable base for a dress tie by adding small pieces of fabric to the area. The selection of collar will greatly affect the appearance of the shirt and how it will function during formal affairs.


The cuffs on a custom made dress shirt are almost as noticeable as the collar. Barrel cuffs are the standard option and provide a large amount of comfort and convenience. Single cuffs are much more formal and involve a slightly longer piece of fabric that is secured with links at the bottom instead of being rolled around the wrist. Double cuffs are similar to single cuffs, except that the fabric is longer and is actually folded back along the wrist so that an extra layer of material covers the area. Selecting the right type of cuffs will affect the comfort of the sleeves as well as the formality of the garment.

Pleats, Pockets And Buttons

There are many traditions when it comes to the placement and number of pleats, buttons and pockets on a custom made dress shirt. The pleats are not always present but are a nice feature for people who expect to be very mobile while wearing the shirt. Buttons are fairly easy to ignore, but can be customized with different styles so that they stand out more prominently. A single pocket is normally placed on the left chest. Pockets are also left completely out of the design for shirts that are very formal. Alternately, a custom made dress shirt could include two pockets in order to provide more functionality while being worn.

custom made dress shirt

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