The suit is the staple of a businessperson’s wardrobe. It’s a uniform for the workplace. The nicer the suit, the better the wearer looks and feels.

Though your suit is an important reflection of you, many people are hesitant to make the investment in a custom tailored garment. Yet this is easily one of the most important fashion decisions you can make. A bespoke suit can be the difference between looking okay and feeling powerful.

At Alan David Custom, they feel that everyone should have the luxury of a custom tailored garment. That’s why they offer a first time buyer’s discount.

Their opinion is that you should not let price scare you away from quality. Because of this, they offer a discount on their already competitively priced custom garments. First time buyers will enjoy discounts off their first custom made suit, sports coat, tuxedo, top coat, trouser, or shirt.

The reason behind this is simple: once you see the value in a custom made piece, you will become a customer for life.

Creating custom suits and clothing since 1926, Alan David crafts some of the finest custom made suits in the NYC area. Let them make your next suit, and see what a custom suit can do for you.