Custom Sport Coats Crafted from the Best Fabric

The Custom Sport Coat Process at Alan David Custom

The process of purchasing a custom sport coat at Alan David Custom is similar to that of our custom suits. The main difference happening during measuring and fabric selection when you decide style options unique to wearing a sport coat.

Your experience begins with a meeting with our fitters who will guide you though style choices from pockets to the fit of the garment itself. You then choose the fabric from Alan David Custom’s vast library of fabrics specifically intended for sport coats. You can coordinate your fabric selection with our library of trouser fabrics, as these two garments are typically purchased together.

Once your fabrics and style choices are finalized, the garment is hand-sewn by our tailors in our local, family-owned workshop. When construction is completed, your garment is sent to our showroom for a fitting and our expert fitters will note if any alterations are needed.

As with all custom clothing made at Alan David Custom, sport coats are crafted from individualized paper patterns based on the measurements of your body. Sport coats are unique in that their paper patterns require a separate pattern than custom suits. This done to accommodate the style and fit choices that differentiate sport coats from classic suiting.

What Matters Most in a Sport Coat

What Matters Most in a Sport Coat

Details that Make a Difference

A tailor must have the taste to control how informal a sport coats gets through adding comfort, improving the range of movement, the placement of pockets and buttons, as well as other fine details. Perhaps most importantly, a tailor must be cautious that these details will not compromise the overall fit of a sport coat. The tailors at Alan David Custom utilize their time-tested knowledge in classic suiting whenever crafting a custom sport coat.

Our Promise

We will be in communication with you every step of the process. There will be no surprises, we do as we say. We are appreciative of your business and will never take it for granted.

Fit Guarantee

The majority of our first-time clients rarely require a second fitting. Should you require more than two fittings, we will re-cut or refund your garment.

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Pricing & Turnaround

Custom sport prices range from $695 to $1,295. First-Time Buyers receive an additional $50 off. Your custom sport coats will be ready in 15 to 18 days. Rush service is also available.

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