Custom Suits Fit Details that Make a Difference

The correct measurements can accentuate your best features and deflect the eye away from less than perfect areas of your body. Just a few examples;

-We can make you look more muscular by combining the perfect bicep measurement with a higher armhole height.

-We can make you look less heavy by making sure the top button on the jacket hits right at the center of your belly. Button stance is critical when it comes girth.

-We can make you look 1-2 inches taller taller but ensuring the back jacket length hits right at the bottom of your seat and the front jacket length hits right at the bottom part of the crotch.

Still not convinced? Then you can elect to have an additional fitting, called a basted fitting. A basted fitting is your custom-made suits cut and temporarily held together by white baste threads. Because the garment is only temporarily being held together it can easily be taken apart if the client or the tailor want to make any changes. So you can elect to make to shoulders narrower or make the jacket tighter or looser and even make the lapels wider or narrower. It’s a great tool especially for clients who have never had full custom before.

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