It’s safe to say that having at least one suit isn’t a luxury, but a necessity. Every man will find himself in a situation where he’s going to need a suit, no matter what line of work he’s in. This is especially true in New York City where appearances are just as important as who you know. Competition is the name of the game in New York. There are plenty of qualified people here with impressive resumes and networks. So, more is needed to stand apart. Never underestimate the value of signaling. And, what signals success better than looking good? Not much. Owning custom suits in NYC is one of the best things you can do for yourself professionally and personally. After all, in an increasingly social media dominated world, it’s telling that you’ll find many popular images tagged with the famous phrase “There is nothing like a well-tailored man […]

There are a lot of companies in New York that say that they make custom suits. However, you will find very few actually make truly custom garments the way Alan David NYC does. Every custom tailored suit at Alan David NYC starts with a complete set of measurements. The expert fitters on staff will measure you completely. Once they have all of your measurements, they will create a pattern for a suit that will fit only you. Your pattern will be cut out of the fabric that you select, and will be hand sewn together. At this point, you will try on your suit. This is called a basted fitting, and allows minor adjustments to be made before your suit is permanently sewn together. This process is an extra step that allows you to let out the jacket or even the pants a little. You can even change the shape […]

If you’ve never owned a custom piece of clothing before, you might be hesitant to make the investment. After all, your off the rack suits have been doing just fine up until now, right? But just like anything else, you’ll find that you usually get what you pay for. And just like the difference between a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork and a mass-produced poster, a custom-made suit from Alan David NYC is worth so much more than an off the rack suit from your average department store. Even so, it can still be scary to take the plunge and pay that much for a custom tailored suit. That’s why Alan David NYC makes it a little bit easier for you with the first time customer discount. As a first-time customer, you’ll receive a discount off of any custom suit, custom-made jacket, trousers, sport coat, tuxedo, topcoat, or shirt. This will […]

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