A custom made suit is a good investment, but it’s not a cheap one. Because of this, many people will try to save money by going to a lesser tailor for their custom made clothing. When you go somewhere besides Alan David NYC, however, you may be wasting money on a suit that is no better than something you would get off the rack. Here are some things to watch out for with other tailors:

  1. Never buy custom-made suit that is guaranteed to be wrinkle proof or wrinkle free. That means that the fabric has been treated with chemicals, which interfere with the fabric’s ability to breathe. This will make your suit uncomfortable.
  2. Be on alert for a tailor that seems inexperienced, or one that points to flaws in a garment and says that they can be fixed by dry-cleaning or pressing. Like any skill, it takes years of practice to become a good tailor. An experienced tailor knows that a properly made garment doesn’t need to have flaws pressed out of it.
  3. Finally, be aware that you get what you pay for. If the price seems too good to be true, you probably aren’t getting a quality garment.

The tailors at Alan David NYC are highly experienced, and know how to properly fit you for a garment that will flatter you and look good for years to come. Schedule your fitting today at Alan David NYC, and have your custom suit made locally in New York City.