You can see why people pay for a custom made suit from Alan David NYC. But what about a custom tailored shirt for women or men? Aren’t all shirts the same?

Once you’ve had a custom tailored shirt, you’ll know that’s not the case. That’s because, at Alan David NYC, they do more than just get you the right size collar and sleeves. They take a series of measurements, to make sure your shirt fits you perfectly.

Once you’ve been measured, you get to pick out the fabric, cuffs, collar, taper, and how long your shirt is. At that point your custom shirt will be expertly crafted in Alan David NYC’s New York workshop.

Everything about your custom made shirt will reflect your style, and it will fit you perfectly and flatter you. A custom shirt can make you look better, and can make the rest of your clothes look better, as well. Improve your appearance and make an appointment, today, to order your custom made shirts and suits from Alan David NYC.