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Custom Suits for Boys Simplify

Parents know that is is difficult to find boys custom suit that is fits well and is high in quality. Purchasing off-the-rack can prove to be expensive and the options limited. At Alan David Custom, a boy’s custom suit is designed the exact same way as a men’s custom suit. We use the same measuring techniques and apply the same attention to detail. Alan David Custom Suits can create the perfect boy’s custom suits for any formal events including Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Communions and more.

  • Boys Custom Tailored Made Suits New York City (NYC)


    Nothing less than a perfect fit will do. Should you take away just one piece of information from this website let it be the relentless dedication to creating the perfect fitting tuxedo. 91 years has gone into the fitting process. At Alan David you can be assured an experienced tailor will be taking your measurements. Your big day is too important to trust to an inexperienced fitter.

    What Matters Most in a Boy’s Suit

    Details that Make a Difference

    Boys are quite difficult to fit, being that they often require an ‘in-between’ size. Add to that the fact that they are sure to outgrow any suit selected in a short amount of time. The only difference is that the boy’s custom suit has additional fabric allowances in the sleeves, sides, waist, seat and cuff areas. This allows the boy to continue to grow without outgrowing the suit. An Alan David Custom boy’s custom suit will last three to four times longer than an average boy’s off-the-rack suit. Additionally, since boy’s custom suits require less fabric, they receive a significant discount.


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    “Imported custom fabrics, high quality tailoring, amazing service, quick turn around.”

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    5 out of 5 star

    “When it comes to men’s clothing (and I’m sure women’s, too), there is no better custom shop on the entire east coast than Alan David Custom.”

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    “I just picked up the most stunning overcoat ever. It took Alan & his factory head tailors 8 weeks to create perfection.”

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    "Alan David is the only place where I buy shirts, pants and suits. The service is impeccable, the price is right, the quality is high and the clothes fit perfectly.”

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