Care for Your Custom Clothing and You'll Have Them for a Lifetime

Custom Raincoats & Weatherproofed Suiting

Care for Your Custom Clothing
and You’ll Have Them for a Lifetime

Protecting for your custom garments from the weather is a part of the care it must receive. This will ensure the longest possible life out of the garment. Alan David Custom offers two varieties of garments that can stand up to New York’s worst weather: weatherproofed suiting and raincoats. These garments act as a barrier to rain, snow, and sleet to keep anything you wear underneath dry and intact.

Weatherproofed Suiting

Weatherproofed Suiting

The temperature outside during warmer months often does not allow you to wear coats. Weatherproofed suiting is meant to be worn as a standalone outfit when wearing a coat is not a sensible option. These garments are made with fabrics backed with water-repellent layers. These garments are unique in that their exteriors are also coated with an invisible layer of protection. These fabrics come the same style variety as Alan David Custom’s normal fabric books and offer the same amount of lightness and ability to breathe.

Custom Raincoats, A Classic Look for the Most Unruly Weather

Custom Raincoats

A Classic Look for the Most Unruly Weather

The tailors at Alan David Custom give special attention to coats of any variety because of their status in fashion as timeless garments. You are assured that a custom raincoat made at Alan David Custom will look great on you for decades to come. Alan David Custom offers raincoats in a variety of fabrics, colors, patterns, and styles, all of which are durable enough to protect you from New York’s worst weather.

Our Promise

We will be in communication with you every step of the process. There will be no surprises, we do as we say. We are appreciative of your business and will never take it for granted.

Fit Guarantee

The majority of our first-time clients rarely require a second fitting. Should you require more than two fittings, we will re-cut or refund your garment.

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Pricing & Turnaround

Custom raincoat prices range from $1,295 to $2,495. First-Time Buyers receive an additional $100 off. Your custom raincoats will be ready in 15 to 18 days. Rush service is also available.

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