Construction is critical for custom trousers

For many bespoke tailors, the trousers often get lost in the custom process. The truth of the matter is, the trouser is the most important part of the outfit. Many a time, the suit jacket or sport coat sits on a hanger during the day while the trouser takes the brunt of the wear and tear. For this reason, Alan David Custom places an extreme emphasis on the construction of the trouser.

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Mens Custom Tailored Made Pant Trousers New York City (NYC)


The hallmark of an Alan David garment is our ability to achieve the perfect fit. Our bespoke trouser makers take into account every single measurement and angle of your body. They create a hand drafted paper pattern which is fully bespoke. At Alan David, no made-to-measure or ready-to-wear trousers are ever produced. Our number one strength is in our ability to fit, our pattern making and measuring techniques have been time tested over four generations ensuring a perfect fit the very first time.

Fit Details that Make a Difference

Exact body measurements not only ensure a very good fit they also show off the best features of your lower body while deflecting the eye away from troublesome spots. The right measurements can;

-Make you look 5 to 10 pounds lighter by making the waist and seat measurement tight enough for the trousers to stay up yet loose enough to feel comfortable.

-Make your seat look larger or smaller by allowing for the proper seat allowance.

-Make you look more athletic with the perfect thigh measurement.

-Make you look 1 to 1 ½ inches taller by making the length of the pant slightly shorter in the front and slightly longer in the back (angled bottom).


Despite our strict quality guidelines our custom trouser prices remain affordable. A complete list of our prices is listed below. Turnaround time for trousers is three to four weeks. There is a 2-week rush program available and even a 7 business day emergency rush service available. All rush days are 100% guaranteed with all garments Made in the USA.

Mens Custom Tailored Made Pant Trousers New York City (NYC)


Great selection of trouser fabrics in every price group;

Value custom trousers ($395-$550): High end fabric mills such as Vitale Barberis & Loro Piana in super 110’s all the up to super 150’s. Very durable and wrinkle resistant. Year round & seasonal weights. Includes wools, cottons, linens, flannels, tropicals & more.

Luxury custom trousers ($595-$795): Top end tier of the luxury fabric mills including Ermengildo Zegna, Piachenza, Loro Piana as well as some very high end English mills. These collections are some of the most comfortable and durable fabrics available anywhere.

Premier Custom trousers ($800-$1,200): For the man who wants the very best our premier custom trouser line offers the highest quality fabrics sourced from top mills all over the world. Fabrics include 100% cashmeres, wools up to super 250’s, covert twills, moleskins, silk blends and more. Both in dress as well as casual fabrics including khakis and corduroys.

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Mens Custom Tailored Made Pant Trousers New York City (NYC)


All Alan David custom trousers are hand cut by bespoke tailors with a minimum 20 years of experience. Trousers are all full custom as opposed to made-to-measure. To ensure the highest quality all garments are Made in the USA.


The construction of custom trousers are critical as they are the part of the suit that is subject to the most wear and tear. Many a time with a suit or a sport coat/trouser combination the jacket gets hung up and the pant gets the brunt of the wear and tear. To ensure longevity in the trouser the following steps are taken;

-No matter how lean or robust your figure is, the waistband of your custom trouser will never roll over or bunch up. This is due to the full canvas piece we sew into the inside of the waistband.

-The crotch area in reinforced with a small liner to prevent that area from pilling or splitting.

-The bottom of the pant is double stitched so it does not get undone especially when you are putting your pants on.

-All custom trousers are proudly Made in the USA which allows us to oversee every detail of construction.


Custom trouser fabrics are sourced from mills with long standing histories of quality and value. Mills like Loro Piana, Zegna, Dormeuil, Holland & Sherry and Vitale Barberis have all stood the test of time and have held up for generations. At Alan David we have been selling these fabrics for a long time and for that reason are very proud to be able to offer them to you with the knowledge that they will last for many years. Fabrics include wools. tropicals, flannels, linens, cottons, twills, silk & wools and more.

Mens Custom Tailored Made Pant Trousers New York City (NYC)


Discover these hidden gems

-100% Wool wrinkle resistant travel fabric, sourced in England. Year round weight with a tropical weight feel. So comfortable yet so durable.

-Baby 100% cashmere that is lighter than wool. Feels amazing against the skip and just as durable as wool. A true luxury and unique fabric. One of owner Alan David Horowitz’s personal favorites.

-Denim, yes now your favorite jeans can be custom made. Soft luxurious denims in blue, black and grey made with the same fine construction and fit as all of our other custom garments.

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