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Pioneers in Pattern-Making and Measuring Techniques

Since 1926, our old world custom suit tailors have created what are quite arguably the finest hand-made custom suits available anywhere. Our measuring techniques and pattern-making skills are time tested over the course of four generations. At Alan David Custom we manufacture full bespoke suits, not “made-to measure” suits. Full bespoke suits are often referred to as custom suits. All garments are proudly Made in the USA. Our showroom is conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan right in the heart of New York City.

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    Mens Custom Tailored Bespoke Suits New York City (NYC)


    If there is one piece of information you take from this website let it be our relentless dedication to the perfect fitting garment. Alan David offers a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the fit of your custom suit. 91 years of experience are behind every measurement we take and every pattern we create.

    Custom Suits Fit Details that Make a Difference

    The correct measurements can accentuate your best features and deflect the eye away from less than perfect areas of your body. Just a few examples;

    -We can make you look more muscular by combining the perfect bicep measurement with a higher armhole height.

    -We can make you look less heavy by making sure the top button on the jacket hits right at the center of your belly. Button stance is critical when it comes to girth.

    -We can make you look 1-2 inches taller but ensuring the back jacket length hits right at the bottom of your seat and the front jacket length hits right at the bottom part of the crotch.

    Still not convinced? Then you can elect to have an additional fitting, called a basted fitting. A basted fitting is your bespoke suits cut and is temporarily held together by white baste threads. Because the garment is only temporarily being held together it can easily be taken apart if the client or the tailor want to make any changes. So you can elect to make your shoulders narrower or make the jacket tighter or looser and even make the lapels wider or narrower. It’s a great tool especially for clients who have never had a full custom suit before.

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    Turnaround time for our custom suits is generally 3 to 4 weeks. A two week rush as well as a 7 day rush service is also available. See below for our custom suit pricing.

    Mens Custom Tailored Bespoke Suits New York City (NYC)

    Thousands of fabrics to choose from

    Great representation in every price range

    Custom suit prices start at $1,195 and range to $1,995.

    Certain luxury fabrics like 100% cashmeres or super 200’s will price out higher.

    Fabrics include Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis, Ermengildo Zegna & more.

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    Hundreds of fabrics to choose from in every price range.

    First time buyers take an additional $100 off.

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    Our bespoke suit fabric collections include Loro Piana, Ermengildo Zegna, Vitale Barberis, Scabal and more. Due to our long standing relationships and purchase volume discounts these fabrics are offered at significantly lower prices. In addition we pride ourselves on sourcing unique fabrics from all over the world. These high quality fabrics are only available at Alan David Custom located right here in NY City.

    Mens Custom Tailored Bespoke Suits New York City (NYC)

    Men's Custom Suits Fabric Examples

    Available Exclusively at Alan David Custom

    -Super 200’s and super 210’s fabrics from England in year round weights that barely wrinkle. This is not one of your run-of-the-mill “wrinkle resistant” fabrics. It is already a huge seller in England and is sure to be soon in the United States.

    -100% Cashmere fabrics that literally feel like butter and wear like iron. They are year round fabrics great for the Fall and Spring seasons. The fibers are spun so tight that the durability is fabulous and nothing feels better than wearing cashmere.

    -A microfiber fabric that feels like you are wearing a pair of khakis but looks exactly like wool. The microfiber is sourced in Scotland. It does not wrinkle and is as dressy as a wool suit with so much more comfort.

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    Mens Custom Tailored Bespoke Suits New York City (NYC)


    Alan David garments are all full custom men's suits, we do not produce any made-to-measure suits. All bespoke suits are proudly Made in the USA. Our seasoned pattern-makers hand cut an individual pattern based on your measurements. Your garment is then hand sewn by our bespoke tailors.

    Custom Suit Construction Details that Make a Difference

    To ensure quality control, all garments are produced in the United States.

    All custom suits contain full canvas construction. Our bespoke tailors hand-sewn the canvas into the suit ensuring that no puckering or bubbling ever occur.

    All collars are first basted and then hand-sewn onto the jacket assuring that the collar hugs the back of the neck and does not crease or fold.

    Jacket shoulder pads are firm yet soft, allowing for a clean shoulder line without a heavy padded feeling.

    All pant waistbands contain canvas which prevents the waistband from sagging or rolling over the top of the belt.

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