Custom Shirt Restoration


There is a reason that Alan David Custom has a reputation for being a top notch custom shirts New York operation. It is because we not only produce high quality custom made shirts, but we also have the ability to restore and update them as they age.

Whether your custom shirts are older and have shrunk a bit, or if you have gained or lost a few pounds, you should not have to sacrifice your custom shirts. For a small fee, Alan David Custom can replace the collars as well as the cuffs with the original materials making the shirt as good as new. Best of all, you can change barrel cuff shirts into french cuff or narrower collars into spread collars. You can even take a colored shirt and put a white collar and cuff on it, completely changing the look of the shirt without having to purchase a new one.

In addition, we have the ability to change the sleeves (making them longer or shorter), the buttons, the front panels and more.

Alan David Custom’s turnaround time is one of the fastest in the industry, with custom shirt restoration usually performed in less than two weeks. You can send us the shirt you want restored, or drop by the store during operating hours, Monday thru Friday, 10am-6pm.


    Full Restoration (includes tapering and new buttons) $50
    Collars $30
    Cuffs $25

For more information on custom shirt restoration, please contact Alan or Arnold at 212.227.4040

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