Men’s custom suits have long been the epitome of style and fashion for the executive. Now with women in the boardroom as often as men, it’s only natural that there is more interest in custom shirts and suits for women.

The process for custom clothing for women starts with detailed measurements taken by an expert in fitting women’s clothing. The female fitter at Alan David NYC is well versed in how a woman’s suit should fit and move with her. After the measurements have been taken, fabric selection can begin. Then the custom pattern is created, and the suit construction begins.

A custom made suit for women will include a basted fitting, where the suit has been temporarily stitched together for trying on. This is the best time to make small alterations to ensure a truly custom, flattering fit.

The suit is then completed in Alan David’s own New York workroom. Everything they make is personally constructed, and never outsourced.

For custom made suits and shirts for women in NYC, Alan David is the expert. Contact them today for an appointment.