Womens shirts can be even more difficult to fit than men’s shirts when it comes to off the rack clothing. Many women’s shirts don’t give you a choice of measurements. They simply come in sizes such as small, medium, and large.

As every woman knows, they don’t come in cookie-cutter sizes. That’s why in order to have truly well-fitting shirts, you need to order custom tailored shirts from Alan David NYC. Women’s shirts at Alan David NYC get the same treatment as men’s shirts. You will be measured thoroughly, and the expert fitters know exactly how a woman’s shirt should drape. They will make sure that the shirt made for you will fit perfectly, from arm length, to torso, and even the tail length that you specify. So if you like to wear your shirts tucked in, they will stay that way all day.

You also get a choice of luxurious fabrics, collar and cuff styles, buttons, and any other details you can think of. Custom tailored shirts for women are truly a luxury, and yet are extremely affordable compared to off-the-rack garments.