Ever wonder why actors always look so good in their suits? It’s because they are custom made, of course!

And whether you are a working actor, an aspiring actor, appearing on the news, appearing in your company’s PR videos, or just want to look your best, Alan David NYC can help you out with custom suits.

They have clothed many public figures from actors to elected officials over the years, and even have studio services professionals that will keep track of your suit from the moment you are measured until you pick it up. If you have questions, you will have a dedicated person you can call for answers.

Alan David also clothes actors on the stage. So if you are appearing on Broadway or coordinating the wardrobe for your next local theater production, give them a call. They not only do fully custom garments, they will also alter ready-made clothing as well. And they keep detailed wardrobe records, so you will always be able to trace the history of your costumes and be able to keep them looking different from production to production.

No matter what the occasion, whether you’re in front of the camera, a live audience, or just want to look sharp, a custom suit will give you the polish you need to look your best.