Fit Guarantee

The most important aspect of any custom garment is its fit. To ensure a perfect fit, two steps are critical. The first step is the ability to take proper measurements. The measuring process may seem easy & straightforward, but it is actually a skilled craft which takes many years to perfect. The second step is the ability to create patterns from those measurements. This can only be done by a skilled and seasoned pattern maker.

To ensure a perfect fit, Alan David Custom utilizes the following techniques:

Measuring & Fit

Alan David Custom’s staff are master fitters, a term we do not use loosely. If an incorrect measurement is taken, an incorrect fit will result. If your measurements are not taken correctly, the best pattern maker will not be able to make your garment fit. Our fitters are so skilled that a majority of new clients require little or no alterations.

Pattern Making

Alan David Custom is a pioneer in pattern making techniques. Once your measurements are taken, they need to be translated into a pattern. Each client receives their own unique paper pattern. No two patterns are alike. “Semi-custom” suit makers will use a stock pattern and make slight modifications to try and match the measurements of your body. This is not true custom. A true custom pattern is made from scratch.

Alan David’s
Fit Guarantee

Should your garment require more than two fittings, we will either re-cut or refund your garment. No questions asked.

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