Free Lifetime Alterations

Experienced factory works at your service


Alan David Custom Suits offers free alterations for the life of the garment. Whether you gain a few pounds or lose a few pounds, whether you decide to start a new diet or to increase your visits to the gym, Alan David will make sure that your custom suit continues to fit as seamlessly as it did when you first purchased it. The alterations are performed by top custom tailors who will correct your custom suit to fit more comfortably without sacrificing the suit’s original look. At Alan David, we stand behind our product from start to finish, and we make every effort possible to prolong the quality, comfort, and appearance of our high-end custom garments.

Existing Alan David clients can bring in clothing bought at other stores and have them altered for a 50% discount. Unlike five-and-dime tailors who spend most of their time repeating the same few simple alterations, our custom tailors specialize in custom fit, resulting in altered items that are truly custom tailored to match each of our clients’ unique body types.

Alan David’s turnaround time for an alteration is 1-3 days, one of the fastest in the industry.

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