How To Care For Your Custom Shirt

How to Care for Your Custom Shirt

Most men’s custom made dress shirts are made of cotton. Cotton is a natural fiber. Cotton will shrink, anybody who tells you otherwise is lying. It therefore becomes twice as important for custom shirt wearers to purchase their shirts from a quality custom tailor. Otherwise they risk excessive shrinkage and/or damage to their custom shirts after only a handful of cleanings. The higher the quality of the cotton, the less the cotton will shrink.

Having said this, it is also true that dress shirts need to be dry cleaned. Yes, even the wrinkle free or wrinkle resistant ones. Find a dry cleaner that you can trust, preferably one who specializes in shirts.

You should ask your dry cleaner to go easy with the starch. Too much starch will eat away at the shirt’s inner fibers and cause it to shine out faster. If applicable, ask for your custom shirts to be returned on hangers rather than boxes. Folded shirts will develop creases that can distort the shape and fit of the entire garment. When your shirts begin to wrinkle, spend the extra dollar on dry cleaning rather than trying to clean the shirt yourself in the washing machine. Washing the shirt yourself using a commercial soap product is sure to weaken the construction and cause the shirt to shrink even faster.

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