How to Measure yourself for a custom shirt

How to Measure Yourself for a Custom Shirt

Alan David offers the highest quality men’s custom shirts New York has to offer. With over four generations of high end tailoring experience, Alan David has produced some of the finest fitting custom clothing in New York. Since 1926, a great fit has remained the company’s calling card. Using a unique set of time tested measuring techniques, Alan David Custom has the experience and the know how to create a custom made shirt that both looks great and fits you comfortably.

The following instructions are a simple way to get your own custom shirt measurements. Send the results to Alan David to get your custom shirt made. As soon as we get your measurements, we will send you one of our fabric books, which contain a selection of the many high-quality fabrics Alan David puts to use in its custom creations. To expedite the process, you can send us a shirt that already fits you well, and we will create your new custom shirt with measurements from that item.

    FIG 1. Neck: Custom tailors consider this the most important measurement for creating a well fitting bespoke custom shirt. Unbutton the top button and place the tape around the neck in line with the neck band of the client’s shirt. Measure the neck snug but not too tight. Then add ½ inch to the measurement. For example, if clients actual skin measurement is 16, add ½ inch and write 16 ½ on the order form. This is the size of the collar after shrinkage. Do not make any allowance for shrinkage. Just give us the skin measurement plus ½ inch for comfort. We will make the necessary allowances. Collars are sized in ¼ inch increments.

    FIG 2. Chest: Stand upright and relaxed and let your arms drop to your side. Remove all contents from shirt pockets. Place the measuring tape around the chest, going under the arms as well as over the shoulder blades. Do not let the tape slide down from the shoulder blades! The tape must remain parallel with the floor. Fasten the tape so that it fits, not too tight and not too loose. Take down the measurement. Chest measurements are taken in ½ inch increments.

    FIG 3. Stomach: Place the measuring tape around the fullest part of the stomach. Make sure the tape is straight (do not let it sag in the front) and parallel to the floor. This measurement is important to our custom tailors because it determines how tapered your custom shirt will be. Take down the measurement. Stomach measurements are taken in ½ inch increments.

    FIG 4. Hips: Remove all contents from pockets and place the tape around the hips at the hip bone area. Tape should be snug and parallel to the floor. Take down the measurement. Hip measurements are taken in ½ inch increments.

    FIG 5. Shoulders: Place the tape measure on top of the shoulders over the prominent neck bone. The measurement is taken from shoulder point to shoulder point. Do not allow the tape to drop across the shoulders as this would shorten the measurement. Take down the measurement. Shoulder measurements are taken in ¼ inch increments.

    FIG 6. Sleeves: Place the tape at the center of the shoulders under the back shoulder, and then continue over highest point of the shoulder down to the wrist bone (on the outside part of the wrist). Take that measurement and add 1 ½ inches. Take down the measurement and repeat the process for the other arm. Most custom shirt clients have one arm longer than the other. Sleeve measurements are taken in ¼ inch increments.

    FIG 7. Wrist/cuffs: Place the measuring tape around the client’s wrist, encircling the wrist bone. Do this for both wrists. Write down the measurement. With this measurement fill in the box as to whether or not the client wears a watch, how thick the watch is, how often does he wear it and what hand does he wear it in. Wrist measurements are taken in ¼ inch measurements.

    FIG 8. Length of shirt: Place measuring tape at highest part of the shirt where the shirt front, collar band and the yoke all meet. Measure from this point down the front to the bottom of the trouser crotch. Take down the measurement. Shirt length is measured in ½ inch increments.

If you’d like to get measured by one of our expert custom tailors in person, please drop by the store. Our hours are Monday thru Friday, 10am-6pm, and Sunday by appointment. For any questions, please contact Alan or Arnold at 212.227.4040.

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