Custom tailored clothing from Alan David NYC is a wise investment in your work wardrobe. When going through the trouble of getting measured and ordering custom-made shirts for women or men, how do you care for them to make sure that they give you years of wear?

One thing to remember about custom shirts is that they are made out of the finest cotton fabrics. Though it has been properly prepared before making your custom garment, cotton will shrink over time if it is washed in soap and water. Have you ever had a favorite pair of jeans that seems to get shorter over the years? That’s what happened to them – they shrank from repeated washings.

So to properly care for your custom tailored shirts and ensure that they will still look great year after year, be sure to dry clean them only. You will want to make sure that your cleaner doesn’t wash your shirts and press them, because this will cause them to shrink and wear out.

Another thing to remember with custom tailored shirts is that cuffs and collars can be replaced. These are common spots of wear on any shirt, and fraying there will make your shirt look older. But with your custom tailored shirts from Alan David NYC, you can have the cuffs and collars replaced with the same fabric that the shirt was made out of, war with a different, contrasting fabric for a new look.

When you invest in custom shirts and care for them properly, they will drape well and look great for many years.