There are a lot of companies in New York that say that they make custom suits. However, you will find very few actually make truly custom garments the way Alan David NYC does.

Every custom tailored suit at Alan David NYC starts with a complete set of measurements. The expert fitters on staff will measure you completely. Once they have all of your measurements, they will create a pattern for a suit that will fit only you. Your pattern will be cut out of the fabric that you select, and will be hand sewn together.

At this point, you will try on your suit. This is called a basted fitting, and allows minor adjustments to be made before your suit is permanently sewn together. This process is an extra step that allows you to let out the jacket or even the pants a little. You can even change the shape of the lapels.

When your fitting is done, your suit will be sewn together by the expert tailors in Alan David’s New York workshop. All of their suits are made locally by skilled craftsmen. You can also order more suits to be made out of your own custom pattern. All you will have to do is pick out fabric, and then come in for your fitting.

It is this old world process that makes Alan David NYC and their custom-made suits stand out from the competition. Come in and see for yourself why they have a reputation for excellence.