Though a custom suit is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment for an adult, at first glance it seems like it would be an unnecessary expense for a boy. After all, won’t a custom suit cost more and won’t they grow out of it quickly?

But when you compare an off-the-rack suit to a custom suit for kids, you will see why it’s beneficial.

Off-the-rack suits for boys do not fit well. Often they need extensive alterations, and they still don’t look very good. By comparison, custom suits for boys are made with the same care and fine materials as custom suits for adults. They will fit your son well and look good for special occasions such as Bar Mitzvahs, weddings, and communions.

Boys’ off the rack suits are expensive and cheaply made. But a custom made garment for boys uses less fabric and is significantly cheaper than an adult’s custom suit. And a child’s custom suit will use the same high quality fabric as an adult’s suit, which will stand up to hard wear.

Custom suits for kids are made with extra fabric in the shoulders, arms, sides and other areas. This will allow it to be let out when your child grows, and his suit will last for many years. Off-the-rack suits do not have this feature.

When you order a custom suit for your son through Alan David, he will look good for his special event and you will be investing in a quality piece of clothing.