Selecting a custom tailor can be a rigorous process. Listed below are some of the main traits your custom tailor should have. 1. Custom tailoring is an art, not a science. Custom tailoring must be learned by doing; a high level of craftsmanship cannot be taught in a classroom or via books. It may seem like a collection of simple measurements but it is so much more. The eye of the custom tailor is crucial to the fitting process. He must be able to recognize things that a tape measure is unable to gauge, such as a low right or left shoulder, body posture, the position of the arms, button stance and many other variables. Look for a tailor who has been in business for a long period of time. Inferior custom tailors tend to go out of business quickly due to the difficulty of the craft. Don’t be afraid […]

Now that you’ve invested in your custom tailored suit from Alan David NYC, it’s important that you know how to care for it properly. After all, a lot of time and hard work went into creating the suit specifically to fit you. You want to honor that by caring for this garment in a way that will allow it to last and look good for many years: The first thing you should know about your custom made suit is to avoid dry cleaning it as much as possible. While this may sound counterintuitive, the heat from the dry cleaners will distort the fabric over time, causing it to lose its shape. You should also avoid ironing your suit. A standard home iron will cause your suit to become shiny and look cheap. Instead, when your suit is wrinkled, hang it properly in a bathroom filled with steam, and let the […]

When you are investing in a custom suit or custom tuxedo, it’s tempting to want to save a little money in your budget by going with an off the rack tie, shirt, or cummerbund. However, you should be aware of the value in custom accessories. For one thing, as fashion experts know, it’s the accessories that make the outfit. The most beautifully tailored suit can be brought down by a poor quality shirt or tie. So when you are choosing your custom suit fabric, order custom shirts to go with it. Chances are they’ll coordinate with the rest of your wardrobe, and will make sure that everyone is paying attention to the quality and detail in your beautiful new suit, and not the cheap shirt you are wearing with it. Even something as rarely used as a cummerbund can make your outfit if it’s been custom made for you. If […]

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