Many people look for custom suits and shirts when they are preparing for job interviews, have a similar career advancement meeting, or want to stand out in networking circles. However, what they don’t realise is that the color of their clothing choices can leave a lasting impression. For these scenarios, it helps to know what you might be unintentionally conveying about yourself through the color of your suit. The same basic ideas hold true in any scenario, helping you visually convey a certain message at an important milestone, in a romantic setting, or at any other key event. Why should you care about first impressions? They are tremendously powerful, according to scientific research. A 2011 study on first impressions by Bertram Gawronski et al. found that without a change in context, a first impression would persist despite contradictory information attained thereafter. In other words, first impressions are strong to the […]

You want your suit to look its best every time you wear it. It all starts with making sure your jacket is on an appropriately sized hanger. If the hanger is too big, it will push the shoulders out, and they will get more wrinkled. If the hanger is too small, then the shoulders will droop over the edges of the hanger and get wrinkled in that way. If the hanger is “just right,” then it provides protection to the shoulders and prevents wrinkling. What else can you do to spruce up your suit? How do you clean a suit jacket? Let’s first talk about why dry cleaners are problematic. Then we will describe a simple 3-step process to de-wrinkle your suit using steam at home, followed by scenarios in which a dry cleaner does make sense. Dry Cleaning: not to be overused It’s easy to get into a cycle […]

Think a suit is just a suit? Not if you want to make an impression. And not if you want a suit that fits you. But how to choose a suit that is the right fit? Leave behind the idea that you can properly present yourself with off-the-rack or made-to-measure options. Here is our suit buying guide to pick a bespoke or custom suit. Tips to buy a suit that fits 1. Be confident with your choice. If you are undecided on whether to get a bespoke suit, consider that anything you pull off a rack will not take into account the way the human body is actually built. Notably, 70% of people have one arm that is a quarter-inch longer than the other; your suit should reflect the reality of your body’s dimensions if you want to look your best. 2. Know what you want. You don’t need to […]

Women executives in business know the secret to looking their best at work: a custom tailored suit makes all the difference in the world in how you look and feel. This is true no matter what level you are at in the company. A custom suit from Alan David NYC is a new level of fit and comfort for women. The expert fitters at Alan David NYC know just how women’s clothing should be made. After they take a complete set of measurements, they will make a pattern for a suit that fits you perfectly. But they don’t just stop there. They also hand sew the suit together, and have you try it on one more time before it is finished. This is the ideal time to make small adjustments so you can be assured that your suit fits you perfectly. No matter what your level in your company, invest […]

When you know that you look good, you have greater confidence in everything that you do. And one of the benefits of having a custom-made suit from Alan David NYC is that you will feel much more confident at work. When you have a suit that fits you perfectly, everything else just seems to fall into place. And your custom tailored suit from Alan David NYC will fit you perfectly. That’s because the custom fitters at Alan David NYC make sure that they take comprehensive measurements when fitting you for your new suit. They will then create a pattern that was made just for you, and use that to construct your brand-new suit. After the pieces have been hand sewn together, you will have one more fitting. This allows the expert tailors to make minor adjustments and make sure everything is going to be perfect. It’s no wonder that custom […]

It’s true that custom suits cost a bit more than garments that you buy off the rack at a department store. But when you consider the amount of time that you save with a custom tailored jacket or pants, the difference in price is negligible. You might even find that it’s cheaper to buy custom clothing. That’s because a custom made suit from Alan David NYC will save you a lot of time shopping. Think back to the last time you bought a suit. Did you go into a store and buy the very first one that you saw? Of course not. You went from store to store, comparing prices, fabrics, and styles. You had to try on suits, look at yourself in the mirror, and spend time talking to sales people about what you are looking for. Depending on how quickly you found a suit that would work, you […]

If you’ve never owned a custom piece of clothing before, you might be hesitant to make the investment. After all, your off the rack suits have been doing just fine up until now, right? But just like anything else, you’ll find that you usually get what you pay for. And just like the difference between a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork and a mass-produced poster, a custom-made suit from Alan David NYC is worth so much more than an off the rack suit from your average department store. Even so, it can still be scary to take the plunge and pay that much for a custom tailored suit. That’s why Alan David NYC makes it a little bit easier for you with the first time customer discount. As a first-time customer, you’ll receive a discount off of any custom suit, custom-made jacket, trousers, sport coat, tuxedo, topcoat, or shirt. This will […]

High-powered business executives often need to appear on film, whether it’s at a press conference, on the news, or for a promotional video for your company, and when you’re being filmed, you want to look your best. That’s why you should invest in custom tailored suits from Alan David NYC. At Alan David NYC, they have a history of helping people look good on the stage and screen. They have been clothing public figures, Congressman, TV anchors, and actors for television and Broadway for many years. With their years of experience in custom fitting, they will make sure that your suit fits you perfectly, so that you will look good during your public appearance. All custom-made suits from Alan David NYC are made locally in their New York City workshop and come complete with a basted fitting, to make any tiny alterations to the fit before the final garment is […]

The holidays are approaching. Every year we decorate, celebrate, and buy gifts for others. What about for yourself, though? You deserve something nice this year, too. This year for the holidays, give yourself the gift of a quality custom tailored suit from Alan David NYC. A custom made suit made in New York City may seem like a luxurious splurge, but it’s really only a little more expensive than a quality off the rack suit. You get so much more when you decide to purchase custom clothing. A custom made piece of clothing, whether it’s a suit, pant, or shirt, for women or men, is an investment in your appearance. Nothing fits and flatters like an outfit that has been cut to your exact measurements. When your clothing fits you perfectly, your confidence soars. In the season of generosity, give yourself the gift of self esteem with a custom made […]

Men’s custom suits have long been the epitome of style and fashion for the executive. Now with women in the boardroom as often as men, it’s only natural that there is more interest in custom shirts and suits for women. The process for custom clothing for women starts with detailed measurements taken by an expert in fitting women’s clothing. The female fitter at Alan David NYC is well versed in how a woman’s suit should fit and move with her. After the measurements have been taken, fabric selection can begin. Then the custom pattern is created, and the suit construction begins. A custom made suit for women will include a basted fitting, where the suit has been temporarily stitched together for trying on. This is the best time to make small alterations to ensure a truly custom, flattering fit. The suit is then completed in Alan David’s own New York […]

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