Most people will only own one or two tuxedos during their lives. Don’t you want the one that you own to fit you perfectly? When you order custom formalwear from Alan David NYC, that’s exactly what will happen. A custom made tuxedo from Alan David NYC will be fitted to you exactly the same way as a custom made suit. You will come in for a series of measurements, and a pattern will be made that fits only you. At that point, your suit will be cut out and basted together by hand, ready for you to try on again. This allows the expert tailors at Alan David NYC to make minor adjustments to the fit, so that your tuxedo will flatter you and make you look your best. When you own a tuxedo, it’s because you care about proper fit and looking good for formal events. Come to Alan […]

When you are investing in a custom suit or custom tuxedo, it’s tempting to want to save a little money in your budget by going with an off the rack tie, shirt, or cummerbund. However, you should be aware of the value in custom accessories. For one thing, as fashion experts know, it’s the accessories that make the outfit. The most beautifully tailored suit can be brought down by a poor quality shirt or tie. So when you are choosing your custom suit fabric, order custom shirts to go with it. Chances are they’ll coordinate with the rest of your wardrobe, and will make sure that everyone is paying attention to the quality and detail in your beautiful new suit, and not the cheap shirt you are wearing with it. Even something as rarely used as a cummerbund can make your outfit if it’s been custom made for you. If […]

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