Well-crafted clothing is fundamental when you want to look your best. In fact, dressing up also changes our own psychology, according to a recent study. The research, conducted at California State University, Northridge, found that formal attire goes beyond making us feel more powerful to even allowing to us to think more broadly and holistically. Surely those sophisticated thought mechanisms make it easier to strategize, prioritize, and manage within business, as well as in personal settings. What Does Bespoke Mean? The definition of bespoke has changed over the years, but in the modern day, it is used to refer to something that has been made to order, typically in the realm of clothes. What is a Bespoke Tailored Suit? A bespoke tailored suit is a suit that has been specifically made to order – it is truly custom and has been measured and cut from the raw fabric to the […]

If you are a shorter gentleman, 5’7” or below, it helps to know that there are some particular concerns related to height when you buy a custom suit. This blog post will review advice that can help you when working with a tailor for suits for short men, though, let’s briefly look at why this is so important through research on height bias – which you can minimize by getting perfect-fitting clothing that makes you look taller. Study shows the reality of height bias It may sound bizarre to suggest that you could assign a value to every additional inch of a person’s height. However, that is exactly what can be done using the data from research published in the Journal of Applied Psychology in 2004. The landmark study found that every inch over average height corresponded to an additional $789 of annual income. Psychologist Timothy A. Judge, Ph.D. (University […]

The quality of a suit is heavily influenced by its material, style, and the way that it is tailored (the extent to which it is truly fitted to the individual). Related to that last element, let’s look at a few terms used to describe different approaches — particularly definitions of bespoke and made-to-measure (MTM). Other suit descriptors: ready-to-wear, off-the-rack, and custom 5 distinctions between bespoke & made-to-measure Evolution of suit creation Ambiguity & lack of law Getting the right fit Other suit descriptors: ready-to-wear, off-the-rack, and custom Before we get into detail related to bespoke and made-to-measure suits, let’s look at three other ways that suits are described or categorized: Ready-to-wear (RTW) – The designer comes up with cuts and styles for suits, offering ready-to-wear suits directly off the rack. “The development of the RTW suit was pioneered in the 1950s, when manufacturers segmented the male form into different sizes […]

Selecting a custom tailor can be a rigorous process. Listed below are some of the main traits your custom tailor should have. 1. Custom tailoring is an art, not a science. Custom tailoring must be learned by doing; a high level of craftsmanship cannot be taught in a classroom or via books. It may seem like a collection of simple measurements but it is so much more. The eye of the custom tailor is crucial to the fitting process. He must be able to recognize things that a tape measure is unable to gauge, such as a low right or left shoulder, body posture, the position of the arms, button stance and many other variables. Look for a tailor who has been in business for a long period of time. Inferior custom tailors tend to go out of business quickly due to the difficulty of the craft. Don’t be afraid […]

This Fall/Winter season comes with sophisticated, comfortable and stylish looks. The tailored wardrobe is getting an update with modernized double-breasted suits and checkered jackets. DOUBLE-BREASTED SUITS The double-breasted suits are back in style this season. This jacket makes any man looking elegant and somewhat sophisticated. Some say this suit looks preppy and old-school gangster. Thanks to celebrities this retro look came back and transformed into a modern formal and semi-formal must-have. This style of suit is not for everyday wear, it’s often worn as a corporate look so if you work in a bank, executive position or you have your own business, then it’s essential to wear a double-breasted suit. Tailoring is key in mastering the double-breasted trend.  CHECKERED JACKETS This season, some designers are suggesting a more accessible take on visual impact, swapping digital prints for subtle checks. The checkered plaid is an even pattern of plaid that forms checker-like boxes. Timeless […]

People always see your coat before they see your suit. If you’ve gone to the trouble of putting together the perfect outfit, you owe it to yourself to finish the look with the perfect overcoat. Either single or double-breasted, a classic or a bold color, a solid shade or a pattern, there’s always a coat to suit you. Navy goes with any suit in your wardrobe including black. Camel color will give you theultimate luxury look. A slightly cropped overcoat will elongate your silhouette. Like a gray suit, a gray overcoatis always in fashion. A double-breasted overcoat should be slim so it doesn’t billow when open. A pattern is a great complementto a neutral suit.

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You may have heard the word “bespoke” tossed around casually, perhaps in connection with suits and clothing, or maybe in reference to some kind of computer software or database. But what does the word actually mean? Especially when it comes to custom wear, what is the definition of bespoke? Discover the True Bespoke Meaning In the world of fine tailoring, there exists a distinction that separates true sartorial artistry from the ordinary: the line between “bespoke” and “made-to-measure” suits. Crafted with the utmost precision and care, a “bespoke” suit is not merely a garment; it’s an embodiment of individuality and style. Definition of a Bespoke Suit Distinguish this from the world of “made-to-measure” suits, where the creative canvas is already partially filled by pre-existing templates that prescribe patterns, colors, and design motifs. These templates, although amenable to accommodating the customer’s unique measurements, still fall short of reaching the zenith of […]

Alan David’s custom tailored suits are made from the finest fabrics and constructed by some of the best bespoke tailors in the industry. Alan David custom suits have gained a reputation for their ability to last without puckering, bubbling or shining. However, even high quality custom suits could benefit from some simple daily maintenance. By following the steps listed below, Alan David clients can easily prolong the life of their custom clothing. Many clients ask us how long a men’s custom suit should last. The answer to that question depends to a large degree on how often the suit is dry cleaned. Can you dry clean or wash a suit? Even though Alan David custom suits are made of the finest materials, when 500 degrees of heat hits a garment over and over, even the best construction will crumble and cause the entire suit to lose its shape. Moreover, dry […]

Basted Fitting is the Irrefutable Mark of True Custom Clothing At Alan David Custom every garment we produce includes a ‘basted fitting’ stage option. The ‘basted-fitting’ can be a critical step in the creation of custom-made apparel. Our Process of Constructing a Perfect Basted Suit At Alan David Custom, after a client’s measurements have been taken, a unique paper pattern is created. No short cuts are taken. It is from this pattern that the garment is carefully hand cut, assembled and temporarily hand stitched with white basting thread (see photo). At this point, the basted garment is ready for fitting. This is the step that dramatically sets us apart from all others. Trying on the garment now enables both the tailor and customer to perfect the fit and the style of your custom suit. The fact that the suit is simply ‘basted’ makes it possible for us to change the […]

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