There are a lot of companies in New York that say that they make custom suits. However, you will find very few actually make truly custom garments the way Alan David NYC does. Every custom tailored suit at Alan David NYC starts with a complete set of measurements. The expert fitters on staff will measure you completely. Once they have all of your measurements, they will create a pattern for a suit that will fit only you. Your pattern will be cut out of the fabric that you select, and will be hand sewn together. At this point, you will try on your suit. This is called a basted fitting, and allows minor adjustments to be made before your suit is permanently sewn together. This process is an extra step that allows you to let out the jacket or even the pants a little. You can even change the shape […]

If you’ve never owned a custom tailored shirt before, you may not be aware of how well they fit. After all, most of us purchase our shirts off the rack at a department or clothing store. Off-the-rack shirts are designed to fit the average person. Whether for men or women, you get a choice of neck sizes, arm lengths, and maybe taper, but that’s all. You have to take the sizes and fabrics offered. You are left at the mercy of what the manufacturers think you need. Buying custom made shirts at Alan David NYC changes all of that. You can order custom shirts from Alan David NYC, and they will fit you perfectly. You will have comprehensive measurements taken, and your shirt will be made to fit you, and not some average stranger. You also get a choice of how you would like your shirt tapered, how long you […]

Once you have your custom tailored suit from Alan David NYC, it’s time to put together the rest of the outfit. Start with custom-made shirts to go with your new suit. You can choose from a variety of high-quality fabrics, and your shirt will be made to your exact measurements. You can even have custom details such as a longer tail that will stay tucked in, or contrasting collar and cuffs. Then be sure to invest in custom-made ties. Whether you like a Windsor, half Windsor, Four in Hand, or prefer bow ties, you can have them custom made out of your favorite fabrics at Alan David NYC. You can even pick up your formalwear here. From custom-made tuxedos, tuxedo shirts, bow ties, and cummerbunds, Alan David NYC is able to outfit you for any black-tie event. Updating your entire wardrobe is easy at Alan David NYC. Make an appointment […]

Every man should have a well-fitting suit, even if his workplace is business casual. And those that don’t wear suits on a daily basis to work should have several well-fitting sport coats. A sport jacket is an easy way to dress up in outfits without looking too formal or fussy. You can throw on a quality sport coat with your khakis and polo shirt to wear out to dinner after work, or you can put one on with jeans on the weekend for a casual, yet elegant flair. You can even add a tie and dress pants and be appropriately dressed for all but very formal occasions. And, when you are choosing a sport coat, don’t just buy something off the rack. This is a versatile garment that will last you many years. Invest a little bit of time and money in it and have a custom-made jacket from Alan […]

When you’re up for a promotion at work, it’s not just about being good at your job. You also need to show that you are ready for the next level of responsibility. And that involves more than just technical abilities, or even being able to manage. You need to show that you have the right presence for the next level. To show upper management that you’re ready for new challenges, you need to have confidence. And an ideal way to do that is with custom tailored suits from Alan David NYC. Custom shirts and suits will fit you perfectly and flatter you in a way that no other clothing you’ve ever owned has done. And, when your clothes fit well and you know you look good, it is an automatic boost to your confidence. And a custom tailored suit from Alan David NYC won’t blow your budget. Even though you […]

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You want to make sure that you look your best for the special occasion. And, to do that, make sure that you get your formalwear custom-made at Alan David NYC. A custom tuxedo is an affordable luxury, when you have it made by the expert tailors at Alan David NYC. Like all custom tailored suits, your tuxedo will be meticulously measured and cut to your specifications, and then hand sewn for a basted fitting, to make sure that everything is perfect. Though having a tuxedo custom-made for your wedding costs more than renting, it’s a worthwhile investment. After the ceremony, you will have your own perfectly fitting formalwear that you will be able to wear to black-tie events for many years. You also get free alterations for the life of the garment, so it will continue to […]

Now that the new year is here, soon it will be time for stores to bring out their spring clothing. But, before you invest in new wardrobe pieces, take a look at what you already own. Do your clothes still fit, but are just last season’s styles? Or are they a little loose, because your gym membership is paying off? Either way, you don’t need to invest in new clothes. If you like your wardrobe but want to update it to fit better, or for a fresh look, consider bringing your favorite pieces to Alan David NYC for alterations. The expert tailors at Alan David NYC can alter your favorite suits, pants, shirts and jackets to fit you better and update the style. Your clothes don’t even have to be originally from Alan David NYC. Any garment can be altered. Save time and money with alteration, instead going all over […]

Custom ties are an affordable addition of luxury into your wardrobe. When you order custom neckwear from Alan David NYC, you get to put a personal touch to your wardrobe, by selecting styles and fabrics that coordinate with your wardrobe and reflect your own taste. At Alan David NYC, when you order your custom tie, you get to make many choices. Just like with a custom made suit, you get choices of models — from standard ties to bow ties, to trendy lengths and widths. You also get to choose from your favorite fabrics and patterns, and even get to customize the lining to coordinate with the tie and with your favorite suits. The length of your tie will be made just for you and for your favorite knot. You will never have to tie your tie a different way because it’s not the right length. And, of course, all […]

Buying a custom made suit from Alan David NYC is a luxury that many people dream of. If you’ve ever thought about buying custom tailored clothing but thought that it was too expensive, think again. A custom made suit for women or men from Alan David NYC is not that much more expensive than an off the rack suit. When you factor in the cost of anything other than the most basic alterations to an off the rack suit, you can end up paying a lot for a suit to fit correctly. At Alan David NYC, your custom suit is guaranteed to fit you perfectly. Each garment begins with a complete set of measurements. From there, the expert tailors will construct a pattern made just for you, and baste your suit together by hand. At this point, you will try on your hand basted suit, and minor fit adjustments will […]

It’s true that custom suits cost a bit more than garments that you buy off the rack at a department store. When you consider the amount of time that you save with a custom tailored jacket or pants, however, the difference in price is negligible. You might even find that it’s cheaper to buy custom clothing. That’s because a custom made suit from Alan David NYC will save you a lot of time shopping. Think back to the last time you bought a suit. Did you go into a store and buy the very first one that you saw? Of course not. You went from store to store, comparing prices, fabrics, and styles. You had to try on suits, look at yourself in the mirror, and spend time talking to sales people about what you are looking for. Depending on how quickly you found a suit that would work, you […]

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