Shopping for a new suit can be a time-consuming process. You will spend a lot of time going from store to store, trying things on. What do you do when you cannot find the right suit? After all, suit styles and fabrics go in and out of fashion. If you happen to be shopping for a dark suit when they are only showing light ones, or need a summer weight during the winter, you may be out of luck. You may also be forced to choose from a limited selection of styles and fabrics. When you order a custom tailored suit for women or men from Alan David NYC, however, you have a wide range of choices available to you. You can select from a variety of quality fabrics, and choose the style and fit that suits you, and not what designers want you to wear. Once your custom tailored […]

The new year is here. Like most people, you probably made New Year’s resolutions. And if one of those is to get a promotion, or even just more responsibility, you need to look the part before you will be considered for it. This means upgrading your wardrobe to a more professional look. And one of the easiest ways to do this is with custom shirts for women and men from Alan David NYC. Custom shirts are an affordable luxury that will make your entire wardrobe look better. When you order custom shirts from Alan David NYC, the expert fitters will take detailed measurements to ensure that your custom shirt fits perfectly the first time. You also have the chance to choose your collar, cuffs, and taper. Finally, you get to choose from a large catalog of high-quality fabrics for your custom tailored shirt. You’ll get to oversee every part of […]

Most people will only own one or two tuxedos during their lives. Don’t you want the one that you own to fit you perfectly? When you order custom formalwear from Alan David NYC, that’s exactly what will happen. A custom made tuxedo from Alan David NYC will be fitted to you exactly the same way as a custom made suit. You will come in for a series of measurements, and a pattern will be made that fits only you. At that point, your suit will be cut out and basted together by hand, ready for you to try on again. This allows the expert tailors at Alan David NYC to make minor adjustments to the fit, so that your tuxedo will flatter you and make you look your best. When you own a tuxedo, it’s because you care about proper fit and looking good for formal events. Come to Alan […]

Like it or not, winter is going to be here for a few more months. That means more snow, cold winds, sleet, and everything else that goes along with winter. If your winter coat isn’t up to the challenge anymore, it’s time for a custom overcoat from Alan David NYC. Your custom overcoat is a wardrobe staple that will last you for many years, and continue to be in style long after it is first made. At Alan David NYC, they put extra care into custom outerwear, because they know that your coat will see a lot of daily use over many years. Custom tailored suits and overcoats from Alan David NYC are made in the same fashion. And because of the importance of getting just the right code, they carry several samples that you can try on to see what kind of styling and fit you like. Not only […]

A custom made suit is a good investment, but it’s not a cheap one. Because of this, many people will try to save money by going to a lesser tailor for their custom made clothing. When you go somewhere besides Alan David NYC, however, you may be wasting money on a suit that is no better than something you would get off the rack. Here are some things to watch out for with other tailors: Never buy custom-made suit that is guaranteed to be wrinkle proof or wrinkle free. That means that the fabric has been treated with chemicals, which interfere with the fabric’s ability to breathe. This will make your suit uncomfortable. Be on alert for a tailor that seems inexperienced, or one that points to flaws in a garment and says that they can be fixed by dry-cleaning or pressing. Like any skill, it takes years of practice […]

No matter how many times fashions change, a man’s custom tailored suit in New York City will never look out of place. For a businessman, custom-made suits are not just a luxury, but a necessity. A custom made suit is made to fit you and only you. At Alan David NYC, the master tailors will take a comprehensive series of measurements, and create a custom pattern designed just for you. Your suit is then cut out and hand assembled locally, so that you can try it on again, and have any slight adjustments made to the fit. After your suit has been fully constructed, you’ll find that it flatters you in a way that no off the rack suit ever has. It will also far outlast your other suits. Even though it initially costs more, your custom tailored suit from Alan David NYC is an investment purchase that is well […]

Men’s Guide to Custom Suits There’s nothing better than a perfectly designed custom suit. But it can be a daunting process to create your own suit from scratch. There are a lot of things you want to include to build the perfect suit, and there are a bunch of problems you want to avoid so the price doesn’t skyrocket. To help you create an awesome custom suit for many occasions, we’ve created the ultimate men’s guide to custom suit. This infographic includes all the ingredients you’ll need as well as tips and tricks for what to avoid and what you should be looking to pay. Our infographic will help you create the perfect suit so you’re always dressed to impress. Click below to embed this infographic into your website View full image Mens Custom Suits Infographic

If your busy schedule keeps you away from New York, you can still order a custom made shirt for women or men. It is possible to take your own measurements and supply them to Alan David NYC. The expert tailors at Alan David will use these measurements to create your own custom shirt. Here are the points that need to be measured for your custom made shirt: Neck – This is the most important measurement. Make sure the tape isn’t too tight, and add half an inch to the final measurement. Chest – Measure under the arms and over the shoulder blades, making sure the tape stays parallel to the floor. Stomach – Measure around the fullest part of the stomach, keeping the tape parallel to the floor. This determines the taper of the shirt. Hips – Measure around the hips at the hip bone. Shoulders – The tape goes […]

You can see why people pay for a custom made suit from Alan David NYC. But what about a custom tailored shirt for women or men? Aren’t all shirts the same? Once you’ve had a custom tailored shirt, you’ll know that’s not the case. That’s because, at Alan David NYC, they do more than just get you the right size collar and sleeves. They take a series of measurements, to make sure your shirt fits you perfectly. Once you’ve been measured, you get to pick out the fabric, cuffs, collar, taper, and how long your shirt is. At that point your custom shirt will be expertly crafted in Alan David NYC’s New York workshop. Everything about your custom made shirt will reflect your style, and it will fit you perfectly and flatter you. A custom shirt can make you look better, and can make the rest of your clothes look […]

A custom suit is a luxury purchase, but it can also be a great investment. It is important, however, to do your homework before you spend the money on a custom suit. You want to make sure you get the best deal for your money and end up with a suit that fits you perfectly and that will last for many years. One thing to note is if your suit will be fully custom or semi-custom. Many companies actually take pre-made garments and simply alter them to fit your measurements. A company that makes fully custom suits, like Alan David Custom, will take your measurements and create a pattern from them. Your suit is made just for you. A good custom suit maker will also do a basted fitting. This is when they take the pieces of the suit and temporarily sew them together, then have you try it on. […]

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