Grades Of Suiting Fabrics

Fabric types

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  1. My family wants me to have “one” bespoke suit.

  2. Do you make custom suits and shirts for plus size women. If so, up to what size and of course depending upon the fabric what is the range of cost.

  3. Mr Horowitz

    I am looking for colorful sport coats I’m an entertainer and color makes the difference… Can you provide swatches of material… Thank you Sir

  4. I would also like to know the answer to Susan’s question posted on the blog – Do you make suites and shirts for plus size women? If so, up to what size, and what is the cost range (obviously fabric dependant

  5. Hi,
    I am just checking on when you think my suit will be ready for me to come in for a fitting? I plan on taking some time off this month.
    Also, I see on your website there is a $100 discount for first time suit buyers. Can I receive a credit for this?

    Thank you
    Jim Hagan

  6. I was a first time buyer a few months ago, I am now hooked on your service. My custom made suits are just perfect, excellent job you have done.

    P.S. Keep me inform when you are having the next sale… LAUGH.