Sport Coats Fit Details that Make a Difference

Accurate measurements not only ensure a correct fit but also help the garment flatter your body which is so critical, especially with a patterned sport coat. The most accurate of measurements can;

-Make you look much skinnier by making sure the top button of the jackets is positioned right at the middle of your stomach.

-Make you look more muscular and athletic by carefully calculating the armhole height and the bicep allowance. If this set of measurements is calculated correctly your upper chest and bicep will appear slim and chiseled like never before.

-Make you look one to two inches taller by making the back jacket length just long enough to cover the seat but no longer than that.

One last detail. If you are a true perfectionist or just very hard to fit you may elect to have our basted fitting step. A basted fitted garment is one where the sport coat comes in complete but it is being held together by loose “baste” thread. At this point you can try the custom garment on and still make any fit adjustments you or the tailor deem necessary. Since the garment is not sewn up yet you have the ability to preview the fit before the final product is complete. Just another way at Alan David to ensure you get the fit you want as opposed to the fit we think is right for you.

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