Custom Tuxedo Construction Details that Make a Difference

A full canvas construction prevents bubbling and puckering while simultaneously conforming to the shape of your body over time creating an everlasting fit.

Individual patterns are created unique to your measurements ensuring a perfect fit in all areas of your body. No existing made-to-measure patterns are ever used, not even as a starting point.

All custom tuxedos are hand sewn by bespoke tailors allowing for even the smallest pattern details to be executed. Often time it’s the small pattern implementations that make the biggest difference in the fit of a custom tuxedo.

High quality Italian satin on the jacket (and trouser) prevents the lapel from rolling over or even collapsing.

Horsehair shoulder pads in 3 different weights keeps the shoulder sturdy and prevents bumps and wrinkles.

A full canvas waistband on the trouser prevents it from rolling over especially on clients with a large waist.

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