Custom Tuxedos Fit Details that Make a Difference

Accurate measurements will highlight your best features and at the same time cover up some of the less flattering parts of your body. With the correct measurements we can make you;

-Look more muscular by combining the perfect bicep measurement with a higher armhole height.

-Look skinnier by making sure the front jacket button hits right at the fullest part of the stomach. Tuxedos usually have only one button so button stance is critical when it comes to proper fitting formalwear.

-Look one to two inches taller. If the back of the jacket ends exactly at the bottom of the seat it will give you more “visual height”.

Need more assurance? Then elect for a basted fitting. When a tuxedo is simply basted it means that it is being held together with temporary thread .So if you decide you want to narrow the shoulders or raise the armholes it can easily be done at this stage. The baste is a useful tool for clients who want to see how the garment will look before it is actually completed.

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