Alan David NYC specializes in custom tailored suits for women and men. But you can also get any number of formal, business or casual wardrobe pieces custom sewn just for you, as well. You have the option of custom-made pants, meticulously measured and sewn to fit. Select from the same great fabrics available for suits, and add these separates to your wardrobe. There are also custom tailored shirts for women and men. These pieces can extend the life of your wardrobe by giving you additional mix-and-match options, and they will all look great because they have been fitted to you and your measurements. And don’t forget about sport coats. These are great for business casual offices, or when you want to go out to dinner and look nice but not wear a suit. Don’t stop at your basic wardrobe, either. You can also invest in custom outerwear. You wear the […]

Now that the New Year is here, isn’t it time you did something to upgrade your wardrobe? If you are still wearing the same things you used to wear in college when you went out drinking with your buddies, it’s time for a change. Now that you are a professional, you should look the part, even in the evening hours. Just because you are relaxing in the evening, doesn’t mean you can’t look nice when you go out with your friends. You can upgrade your casual wardrobe with custom shirts and trousers from Alan David NYC. Whether you are single and dating, or have someone special in your life, it shows respect to those around you to look nice when you are out with them. So leave the raggedy jeans at home and wear a pair of well-fitting custom trousers from Alan David NYC. Just like custom-made suits, their custom […]

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