When your son has a special occasion coming up, whether it’s a Bar Mitzvah, First Confirmation or the ring bearer in someone’s wedding, treat him to a custom made suit for boys from Alan David NYC. There’s no reason for a child or young man to wear an ill-fitting suit to a special event. Just because there’s not a lot of selection available off the rack, doesn’t mean that your son has to wear a new suit that looks like a hand-me-down. For just slightly more money, you can have a custom suit made that will fit him perfectly, make him look good, and help boost his self-esteem. And what’s great about a custom suit for kids from Alan David NYC is that all children’s clothing comes with extra fabric, so that it can be let out as your son grows. That way, you can get many more years of […]

It can be difficult to find a shirt that fits perfectly. With men’s shirts being sold by neck and arm measurements, you don’t have a lot of choices as far as fit. If your shape and size doesn’t conform to the fashion industry’s standards, you will find that you are ending up with shirts where the arms are too long, too short, or the buttons pull across the torso. And it’s hard to look professional in an ill-fitting shirt. Fortunately, there is another option. You can have a custom tailored shirt made from Alan David NYC. At Alan David, you will have several measurements taken, and your shirt will be custom-made to your specifications. If you need your shirt to be a little longer so it stays tucked in, that’s not a problem. Likewise, if you like your sleeves a little shorter, or want a taper on your shirt, that […]

It’s important to wear quality clothing and look good when you’re trying to advance in your career. You want to look like you fit the part of an upper level executive. When you buy clothing off the rack, however, it can be hard to find garments that are flattering to you and make you look like executive material. As a result, you may spend long hours searching department stores and clothing shops, looking for the perfect suit, shirt or pants. This is time that could be better spent with your family, friends, or even working on that promotion. There’s an easier way to look good that won’t have you running all over town, trying on everything in your size. With custom tailored suits, shirts, and ties from Alan David NYC, you will look like a million bucks without having to spend a fortune, and without spending a lot of time. […]

Custom shirts for men and women are an elegant part of any wardrobe, and a reasonable splurge for business people. Shirts are subject to a lot of wear, however, and have a tendency to wear out in certain spots. When your favorite custom shirt begins to show wear around the collar or cuff, or doesn’t fit right anymore because you’ve gained or lost weight, it can be disappointing to have to get rid of it. Now you can keep those custom shirts that you love so much. The talented tailors at Alan David NYC can restore your custom made shirts back to their former glory. They can replace collars and cuffs, lengthen or shorten sleeves, take them in or let them out, and even update them with a new collar or cuff style. Your old favorites can become your new favorites with Alan David’s custom shirt restoration service. It costs […]

Let’s face it – not everyone is the same size and shape as off the rack clothing. If you are a person that does not have standard proportions, you know how difficult it can be to find quality clothing that fits. You have to spend time going all over town and try on every shirt and jacket available, but no matter where you go, the sleeves will always be just a little short, the shoulders a little tight, or the torso just a bit too long. You may have thought you had to resign yourself to ill-fitting clothing, but that’s not the case. For just a bit more money than off the rack clothes, you can have custom made shirts for women or men at Alan David NYC. Now you don’t have to buy a size too big to get the arms right, or settle for a taper that doesn’t […]

When your clothing fits properly, you know you look good, and that in turn makes you feel good. There’s a boost to your confidence level when you have on an outfit that’s both comfortable and flattering. You can try to find such clothing at a department store, but it’s really difficult to find anything that feels like it was made just for you. Now you don’t have to search the racks any more. That perfect fit is just a phone call away. When you contact Alan David NYC for a custom fitting, you can order your own custom tailored shirts and trousers for both women and men. These pieces are well worth the cost. Custom tailored clothing from Alan David costs just a little more than high quality pieces from a store, but they are made out of a pattern that was created to fit you. So everything you put […]

Custom made garments are often seen as high end luxury items. However, they are actually extremely affordable and make sense for your wardrobe. Custom suits cost only slightly more than off the rack suits, but you have a wider range of choice in styles, fit, and fabric. You can have a custom suit fitted exactly the way you like it, whether it’s narrower in the shoulders or more room in the waistline area. When your suit is custom made, it won’t pop buttons and ravel seams the way cheaper garments do, and if you do have an issue with a seam or minor damage, you can have it repaired for free. You also will receive free alterations for the life of the garment, so if it needs to be let out or taken in, you are covered. In addition to suits, there are many other custom made pieces available. Custom […]

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