“A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life,” said Oscar Wilde. “Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect,” said Charles Hix. These two acclaimed writers agreed that style is anything but superficial. On the contrary, a carefully designed and constructed suit can make an incredible difference in the way you impact those around you. A finely tailored custom suit is not style over substance but style introducing your substance. How is that style defined, though? One of the primary elements of style that can be exhibited in a custom tailored suit or other garment is seasonal color. It helps to look at suit colors through two different standardized approaches. Let’s have a look at our suit color guide. Seasonal color approach #1: personal Many men do not want to hear about the particular color that might fit a season, since the discussion of seasonal clothing is often framed in […]

It’s safe to say that having at least one suit isn’t a luxury, but a necessity. Every man will find himself in a situation where he’s going to need a suit, no matter what line of work he’s in. This is especially true in New York City where appearances are just as important as who you know. Competition is the name of the game in New York. There are plenty of qualified people here with impressive resumes and networks. So, more is needed to stand apart. Never underestimate the value of signaling. And, what signals success better than looking good? Not much. Owning custom suits in NYC is one of the best things you can do for yourself professionally and personally. After all, in an increasingly social media dominated world, it’s telling that you’ll find many popular images tagged with the famous phrase “There is nothing like a well-tailored man […]

Part of what sets Alan David NYC apart from other custom tailors is that at Alan David, they still use a basted fitting to ensure that you get the best possible fit for your custom-made suit or shirt. A basted fitting occurs after all of the pieces of a suit have been sewn together loosely by hand. This allows you to try it on, and small adjustments can be made for a truly custom fit. Whether your suit needs to be taken in or let out at the shoulders or pants, or if you just want to change the lapels, it can be taken care of during the basted fitting. Once your suit fits perfectly, the whole thing will be sewn together by expert tailors in Alan David NYC’s own New York workshop. All Alan David custom garments have been made locally in New York and are fitted to your […]

Buying a custom made suit from Alan David NYC is a luxury that many people dream of. If you’ve ever thought about buying custom tailored clothing but thought that it was too expensive, think again. A custom made suit for women or men from Alan David NYC is not that much more expensive than an off the rack suit. And when you factor in the cost of anything other than the most basic alterations to an off the rack suit, you can end up paying a lot for a suit to fit correctly. But at Alan David NYC, your custom suit is guaranteed to fit you perfectly. Each garment begins with a complete set of measurements. From there, the expert tailors will construct a pattern made just for you, and baste your suit together by hand. At this point you will try on your hand basted suit, and minor fit […]

Fall is here, and winter is on the way. It’s time to put away the summer weight suits and get out the winter wardrobe. You may notice as you go through your winter clothing that some pieces from prior years seem out of date. They still fit, but the collars don’t seem quite right, or they’re not tapered enough, or you no longer like the cut of the lapels. When your wardrobe needs sprucing up, it used to be that the only thing you could do is go shopping. If your clothes are in good shape and you like them otherwise, you don’t need to start over. Take them down to Alan David NYC for a little updating. At Alan David NYC, they can custom tailor any suit or other piece of clothing you own, even if you didn’t purchase it there. Their expert tailors will take your measurements with […]

Ever wonder why actors always look so good in their suits? It’s because they are custom made, of course! And whether you are a working actor, an aspiring actor, appearing on the news, appearing in your company’s PR videos, or just want to look your best, Alan David NYC can help you out with custom suits. They have clothed many public figures from actors to elected officials over the years, and even have studio services professionals that will keep track of your suit from the moment you are measured until you pick it up. If you have questions, you will have a dedicated person you can call for answers. Alan David also clothes actors on the stage. So if you are appearing on Broadway or coordinating the wardrobe for your next local theater production, give them a call. They not only do fully custom garments, they will also alter ready-made […]

These days, men have several options for their suits. However, to truly have a good selection, you will want to consider investing in a custom made suit. And for the summer months, men will want to consider investing in lighter weight fabrics for their suits. Not only do these lighter fabrics breathe better, but the suits themselves can be cut differently to allow for air movement. A custom made suit with a lighter fabric will keep you cool all summer. One of the more popular fabrics these days that is making resurgence from the past is seersucker. Once known as the fabric of choice for Southern gentlemen, seersucker is now showing up all over the country. The lightweight fabric has a natural pucker to it that allows air flow, keeps it from weighing heavily on the skin, and doesn’t show wrinkles. For this reason, it’s an excellent choice when both […]

To look your best in a suit, you will want to have it custom made for you. While this process takes time, it is the best way to have a suit made that will flatter you and be stylish for years to come. One of the most important parts of the process is not selecting the fabric or the style of your suit, but the fitting process. With off-the-rack suits, you have a chance for a few minor alterations to your suit, but it has already been made. Made-to-measure suits are similar in that they are sewn based on some minor measurements, and then altered after they are finished. But a true custom suit is different. The fitting of a custom suit begins with an extensive series of measurements. From these measurements, the tailor makes a custom pattern and cuts out the fabric. The fabric is then basted together, or […]

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