Womens shirts can be even more difficult to fit than men’s shirts when it comes to off the rack clothing. Many women’s shirts don’t give you a choice of measurements. They simply come in sizes such as small, medium, and large. As every woman knows, they don’t come in cookie-cutter sizes. That’s why in order to have truly well-fitting shirts, you need to order custom tailored shirts from Alan David NYC. Women’s shirts at Alan David NYC get the same treatment as men’s shirts. You will be measured thoroughly, and the expert fitters know exactly how a woman’s shirt should drape. They will make sure that the shirt made for you will fit perfectly, from arm length, to torso, and even the tail length that you specify. So if you like to wear your shirts tucked in, they will stay that way all day. You also get a choice of […]

Women have the advantage of having many more fashion options, when it comes to their work wardrobe. They have a variety of suit styles available, with different types of jackets, in different cuts and different fabrics. But this blessing can sometimes be a curse. Have you ever found the perfect suit, but had trouble finding the right shirt to go with it? Whether it has to do with color, the fabric or the fit, if you can’t find a suitable shirt, your suit won’t look good. And, when you can’t find coordinating pieces to go with it, your perfect suit will stay in the back of a closet. But, with the help of Alan David NYC, you can order custom shirts for women that will go with specific outfits. Have a shirt or two sewn to perfectly complement that suit that you love, so that you can wear it again. […]

Custom tailored clothing from Alan David NYC is a wise investment in your work wardrobe. When going through the trouble of getting measured and ordering custom-made shirts for women or men, how do you care for them to make sure that they give you years of wear? One thing to remember about custom shirts is that they are made out of the finest cotton fabrics. Though it has been properly prepared before making your custom garment, cotton will shrink over time if it is washed in soap and water. Have you ever had a favorite pair of jeans that seems to get shorter over the years? That’s what happened to them – they shrank from repeated washings. So to properly care for your custom tailored shirts and ensure that they will still look great year after year, be sure to dry clean them only. You will want to make sure […]

When your clothing fits properly, you know you look good, and that in turn makes you feel good. There’s a boost to your confidence level when you have on an outfit that’s both comfortable and flattering. You can try to find such clothing at a department store, but it’s really difficult to find anything that feels like it was made just for you. Now you don’t have to search the racks any more. That perfect fit is just a phone call away. When you contact Alan David NYC for a custom fitting, you can order your own custom tailored shirts and trousers for both women and men. These pieces are well worth the cost. Custom tailored clothing from Alan David costs just a little more than high quality pieces from a store, but they are made out of a pattern that was created to fit you. So everything you put […]

Custom made garments are often seen as high end luxury items. However, they are actually extremely affordable and make sense for your wardrobe. Custom suits cost only slightly more than off the rack suits, but you have a wider range of choice in styles, fit, and fabric. You can have a custom suit fitted exactly the way you like it, whether it’s narrower in the shoulders or more room in the waistline area. When your suit is custom made, it won’t pop buttons and ravel seams the way cheaper garments do, and if you do have an issue with a seam or minor damage, you can have it repaired for free. You also will receive free alterations for the life of the garment, so if it needs to be let out or taken in, you are covered. In addition to suits, there are many other custom made pieces available. Custom […]

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