Part of what sets Alan David Custom apart is the basted fitting.

After a client’s measurements have been taken, a unique paper pattern is created. It is from this pattern that the garment is carefully hand cut, assembled, and temporarily hand stitched with white basting thread. At this point, the basted garment is ready for fitting.

This allows you to try it on, and small adjustments can be made for a truly custom fit. Whether your suit needs to be taken in or let out at the shoulders or pants, or if you just want to change the lapels, it can be addressed during the basted fitting. Once your suit fits perfectly, the whole thing is sewn together by expert tailors in Alan David’s own New York City workshop.

custom suits fabrics at Alan David Custom

A word of caution, beware of others that claim to make custom clothing but in reality only make “made-to-measure” garments. What is the difference between a made-to-measure garment and a true custom garment? With a made-to-measure garment, there is no individual pattern created and no basted fitting step provided. A “made-to-measure” garment is delivered 100% finished. The only adjustment available to this made-to-measure garment is the type of basic alteration done to a ready-made, off-the-rack suit or jacket. It is not at all personalized and, most importantly, certainly not custom. There is no basted-fitting step involved because the garment has essentially been completed by the time the client sees it. That is why we not only create individual patterns for every customer but provide a ‘basted fitting’ step for each garment.

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