It’s safe to say that having at least one suit isn’t a luxury, but a necessity. Every man will find himself in a situation where he’s going to need a suit, no matter what line of work he’s in. This is especially true in New York City where appearances are just as important as who you know. Competition is the name of the game in New York. There are plenty of qualified people here with impressive resumes and networks. So, more is needed to stand apart. Never underestimate the value of signaling. And, what signals success better than looking good? Not much.

Owning custom suits in NYC is one of the best things you can do for yourself professionally and personally. After all, in an increasingly social media dominated world, it’s telling that you’ll find many popular images tagged with the famous phrase “There is nothing like a well-tailored man in a well-tailored suit.”

But, it’s important to talk about practicality, too. Yes, there will be a situation eventually where you’ll need to wear a suit. In fact, you might need multiple suits depending on your profession. The latter scenario may prompt you to be even more price conscious. After all, multiple suits don’t come cheap. You may be tempted to save some money by opting for off the rack suits. Plenty of men do, clearly, since it’s still an industry. Is it actually worth the perceived savings, though?

Nothing can beat the look and fit of a custom-made suit. But, your wallet makes a pretty hard to ignore case. Here is why you’re doing yourself a disservice if you do end up opting for off the rack suits over custom suits.

What do we mean by custom?

There are really three main types of suits: off the rack, made to measure, and bespoke suits. The latter two is where the word “custom” can get kind of muddied. Let’s address the three terms.

An off the rack suit is what you’d find in your typical department store. They are generally machine-made and come in predetermined sizes and colors. The goal is to find one that most closely resembles your actual size and then factor in the cost of needing to bring it to a tailor. It is quite rare for an off the rack suit to fit perfectly. Inevitably, either the sleeves or the length of the pants will need to be altered in order to look appropriate. The price tag on the suit won’t be the final price. Additionally, if you tend to wear irregular sizes, off the rack is almost never an option.

Then there are made to measure suits. This might be what you think of when you hear “custom suits” but they aren’t truly custom. They are both machine made-and handmade depending on where you go. However, you are still limited despite being made to measure. The materials are all chosen for you and are altered to fit right. So, if you had a particular style suit in mind, you’re out of luck. Also, the fit can get close, but it still won’t be perfect.

Then you have bespoke. These are truly custom suits. They are hand made from scratch just for you. You choose the materials down to the buttons. A bespoke suit offers a fit that can’t be compared. While they cost the most, here is why they are worth it.

Lifetime value

A custom suit has the highest lifetime value. They are built to last for years as long as you take care of them. The cheaper, machine sewn materials used in off the rack suits won’t have the same durability. Also, and we have to be honest, everyone tends to put on a little weight over the years. Don’t you want a suit that you can still wear after putting on a few extra pounds? An off the rack suit is basically done for once it stops fitting right. A custom, bespoke suit is tailored with this in mind. It fits perfectly now, yes, but there is also some excess material in the jacket that can be worked with in order to still provide a perfect fit if you put on another ten pounds or so. Custom suits fit you perfectly, not the 90% or so that many men will settle for. They are designed to hide the body’s irregularities. Have a bit of a paunch? Get your suit tailored around it. Have a shoulder visibly higher than the other? Your suit can be tailored to visually balance them.


Looking your best has a tremendous value. It’s far beyond what might be saved buying an off the rack suit that you would still need to get altered to fit properly, anyway. A custom suit will last you and the craftsmanship involved will be obvious to discerning eyes. Do yourself a favor and invest in a custom suit. Alan David Custom has been providing New Yorkers with high-quality custom tailored suits for generations. Book an appointment online today. You’ll be fitted so that your new suit has the best look and feel you can buy.