Custom made garments are often seen as high end luxury items. However, they are actually extremely affordable and make sense for your wardrobe.

Custom suits cost only slightly more than off the rack suits, but you have a wider range of choice in styles, fit, and fabric. You can have a custom suit fitted exactly the way you like it, whether it’s narrower in the shoulders or more room in the waistline area. When your suit is custom made, it won’t pop buttons and ravel seams the way cheaper garments do, and if you do have an issue with a seam or minor damage, you can have it repaired for free. You also will receive free alterations for the life of the garment, so if it needs to be let out or taken in, you are covered.

In addition to suits, there are many other custom made pieces available. Custom made shirts for women and men are available, as well as custom formalwear. Children can have custom garments made as well. With children’s clothing, extra fabric is added so that the garment can be let out as they grow; making custom pieces a smart investment.

Finally, don’t forget about the accessories. Jackets, vests, raincoats, ties, bow ties, and cummerbunds are all available to be custom made. These custom items will add elegance to any wardrobe, and are a good investment because they are made to last for many, many years.

At Alan David NYC, you will find an expert staff that will fit you and create quality custom garments that you will love for years.