Custom Overcoats For Fall

People always see your coat before they see your suit. If you've gone to the trouble of putting together the perfect outfit, you owe it to yourself to finish the look with the perfect coat. Either single or double-breasted, a classic or a bold color, a solid shade or a pattern, there's always a coat to suit you.
Navy Overcoat Navy goes with any suit in your wardrobe including black.Camel Overcoat Camel color will give you the
ultimate luxury look.
Cropped Overcoat A slightly cropped overcoat will elongate your silhouette.
Grey Overcoat Like a gray suit, a gray overcoat
is always in fashion.
Double-breasted Overcoat A double-breasted overcoat should be slim so it doesn't billow when open.Pattern Overcoat A pattern is a great complement
to a neutral suit.
  • a sewing needleThe Best Custom Suits NYC Has To Offer!