High-powered business executives often need to appear on film, whether it’s at a press conference, on the news, or for a promotional video for your company, and when you’re being filmed, you want to look your best. That’s why you should invest in custom tailored suits from Alan David NYC.

At Alan David NYC, they have a history of helping people look good on the stage and screen. They have been clothing public figures, Congressman, TV anchors, and actors for television and Broadway for many years. With their years of experience in custom fitting, they will make sure that your suit fits you perfectly, so that you will look good during your public appearance.

All custom-made suits from Alan David NYC are made locally in their New York City workshop and come complete with a basted fitting, to make any tiny alterations to the fit before the final garment is sewn. They even have the capability to have a quick turnaround on completely custom pieces, so if you have an appearance that’s just a few days away, you still have time to get measured for your suit.

If you’re appearing on camera, you need to look your best, and Alan David NYC can help. Let them create a custom fitted suit that flatters you and helps you look your best.