If your busy schedule keeps you away from New York, you can still order a custom made shirt for women or men. It is possible to take your own measurements and supply them to Alan David NYC. The expert tailors at Alan David will use these measurements to create your own custom shirt. Here are the points that need to be measured for your custom made shirt:

Neck – This is the most important measurement. Make sure the tape isn’t too tight, and add half an inch to the final measurement.

Chest – Measure under the arms and over the shoulder blades, making sure the tape stays parallel to the floor.

Stomach – Measure around the fullest part of the stomach, keeping the tape parallel to the floor. This determines the taper of the shirt.

Hips – Measure around the hips at the hip bone.

Shoulders – The tape goes over the top of the shoulders over the protruding neck bone, and measures from shoulder point to shoulder point.

Sleeves – Measure both arms, from the center of the shoulders in the back, over the shoulder’s highest point, down to the wrist bone.

Wrist and cuffs – Circle the wrist bone with the tape, and note the measurement for each wrist.

Length of shirt – Measure the front of the shirt from the top center of the shoulder to the crotch of the pants.

With these measurements, you are on your way to a custom shirt at Alan David NYC. For questions or assistance in getting started, contact them today.

How to Take Custom Shirt Measurements