This Fall/Winter season comes with sophisticated, comfortable and stylish looks. The tailored wardrobe is getting an update with modernized double-breasted suits and checkered jackets.

The double-breasted suits are back in style this season. This jacket makes any man looking elegant and somewhat sophisticated. Some say this suit looks preppy and old-school gangster. Thanks to celebrities this retro look came back and transformed into a modern formal and semi-formal must-have. This style of suit is not for everyday wear, it’s often worn as a corporate look so if you work in a bank, executive position or you have your own business, then it’s essential to wear a double-breasted suit. Tailoring is key in mastering the double-breasted trend. 

This season, some designers are suggesting a more accessible take on visual impact, swapping digital prints for subtle checks. The checkered plaid is an even pattern of plaid that forms checker-like boxes. Timeless and versatile, this pattern instantly adds interest to any outfit. At the office, checkered plaid that sit more on the conservative side offer a great way to stand out from the usual navy, black and grey suits.

For years the midnight blue or navy tuxedo on the red carpet has been a growing trend even among many of Hollywood’s leading men, but this season we see even more examples than usual, and they were all extremely dapper. Undeniably the most popular trend of the season is blue, whether it’s midnight, navy, or royal. The midnight blue tuxedo first hit the scene in the 30s and has experienced a comeback as modern men are increasingly recognizing how well men dressed back in the day. Blue manages to look very formal yet fun at the same time.  The darker hues are perfect for any evening wedding. A royal blue tuxedo would be great for a man that’s looking to stand out from the crowd.

The most popular color this season and in every fashion show is grey. Considered as the alternative to black, the grey suit is back in style for men; proving to be a little bit cooler than regular black and a touch more timeless than trendy blue. This versatile color is an easy one to pull off head to toe. Not only is it impossible to find tones that clash, it goes with everything in your closet. A gray suit can match-up to any shirt and tie combo you throw its way. Not too unusual for the cold weather collections you might think, but this season it’s the way it was styled that boosted it into trend territory. From light to dark grey it looks great in any shade. The grey suit is neutrally-hued staple for any gent.