If you’ve never owned a custom tailored shirt before, you may not be aware of how well they fit. After all, most of us purchase our shirts off the rack at a department or clothing store.

Off-the-rack shirts are designed to fit the average person. Whether for men or women, you get a choice of neck sizes, arm lengths, and maybe taper, but that’s all. You have to take the sizes and fabrics offered. You are left at the mercy of what the manufacturers think you need.

Buying custom made shirts at Alan David NYC changes all of that. You can order custom shirts from Alan David NYC, and they will fit you perfectly. You will have comprehensive measurements taken, and your shirt will be made to fit you, and not some average stranger. You also get a choice of how you would like your shirt tapered, how long you want the tail, what kind of cuffs and collar you want, and you get to choose your fabric.

With all of these selections, you will have a shirt that is one-of-a-kind and that fits you perfectly. If you’ve never had custom tailored shirts before, you should make your appointment today at Alan David NYC.