It’s true that custom suits cost a bit more than garments that you buy off the rack at a department store. But when you consider the amount of time that you save with a custom tailored jacket or pants, the difference in price is negligible. You might even find that it’s cheaper to buy custom clothing.

That’s because a custom made suit from Alan David NYC will save you a lot of time shopping. Think back to the last time you bought a suit. Did you go into a store and buy the very first one that you saw? Of course not. You went from store to store, comparing prices, fabrics, and styles. You had to try on suits, look at yourself in the mirror, and spend time talking to sales people about what you are looking for. Depending on how quickly you found a suit that would work, you may have spent several days or even longer shopping.

Now think about how much your time is worth. If someone had to pay you for those days of shopping, would that make up the difference in price between an off the rack suit and a custom tailored one?

And you will continue to save time in the future. At Alan David NYC, after your own custom suit pattern is made, it is kept so that you can call up and order a suit any time you need to. You will only have to come in for the basted fitting. If you wear suits regularly to work, this can save you many hours a year in shopping time.

So make your appointment for a fitting at Alan David NYC today. You can order your custom suits, pants, jackets, shirts, and ties while you’re there, also.