Basted Fitting is the Irrefutable Mark of True Custom Clothing

At Alan David Custom every garment we produce includes a ‘basted fitting’ stage option. The ‘basted-fitting’ can be a critical step in the creation of custom-made apparel.

Our Process of Constructing a Perfect Basted Suit

At Alan David Custom, after a client’s measurements have been taken, a unique paper pattern is created. No short cuts are taken. It is from this pattern that the garment is carefully hand cut, assembled and temporarily hand stitched with white basting thread (see photo). At this point, the basted garment is ready for fitting.

Man in a dark grey custom suit

This is the step that dramatically sets us apart from all others. Trying on the garment now enables both the tailor and customer to perfect the fit and the style of your custom suit.

The fact that the suit is simply ‘basted’ makes it possible for us to change the style as much or as little as necessary.

For example, the client may elect to make the shoulders of the garment wider or narrower, raise or lower the armhole or make the silhouette fuller or slimmer. He may also choose to adjust the fit of the trousers by raising or lowering the rise or tapering the thigh or knee areas.

This guarantees the consumer complete satisfaction with the final fit and appearance of his custom made suit.

Inside of a custom suit store

Not All Basted Suit or Basted Jackets Are Created Equal

A word of caution, beware of others that claim to make custom clothing but in reality only make “made-to-measure” garments.

What is the difference between a made-to-measure garment and a true custom garment? With a made-to-measure garment there is no individual pattern created and no basted fitting step provided.

A “made-to-measure” garment is delivered 100% finished. The only adjustment available to this made-to-measure garment is the type of basic alteration done to a ready-made, off-the-rack suit or jacket. It is not at all personalized and, most importantly, certainly not custom.

Custom suits with a variety of colors in a store

There’s no suit jacket basting here. There is no basted-fitting step involved because the garment has essentially been completed by the time the client sees it.

That is why we not only create individual patterns for every customer, but provide a ‘basted fitting’ step for each garment.

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About the Author: Alan Horowitz

Alan Horowitz is the owner of Alan David Custom. Having grown up in the custom tailoring business, Alan values taking care of his clients and always going above and beyond to ensure 100% satisfaction. Alan David Custom has become the best custom tailor in New York City. Alan is a 4th generation tailor with an expertise in measuring and pattern making.

Alan Horowitz, owner of Alan David Custom