To look your best in a suit, you will want to have it custom made for you. While this process takes time, it is the best way to have a suit made that will flatter you and be stylish for years to come. One of the most important parts of the process is not selecting the fabric or the style of your suit, but the fitting process.

With off-the-rack suits, you have a chance for a few minor alterations to your suit, but it has already been made. Made-to-measure suits are similar in that they are sewn based on some minor measurements, and then altered after they are finished. But a true custom suit is different.

The fitting of a custom suit begins with an extensive series of measurements. From these measurements, the tailor makes a custom pattern and cuts out the fabric. The fabric is then basted together, or sewn together by hand, and fitted again.

This basted fitting is the true mark of a custom suit. The basted fitting allows the tailor to make more minor adjustments so that your custom suit is fully customized to you and your tastes. This is the perfect time to take in or let out the jacket, adjust lapels, and customize the fit of the legs. After this fitting, the suit is finally sewn together, and your custom suit will fit you perfectly.

This process costs more and takes more time, but it is what makes a custom made suit in New York City a special garment that will suit your needs for years to come. And it is what Alan David NYC specializes in.