These days, men have several options for their suits. However, to truly have a good selection, you will want to consider investing in a custom made suit. And for the summer months, men will want to consider investing in lighter weight fabrics for their suits. Not only do these lighter fabrics breathe better, but the suits themselves can be cut differently to allow for air movement. A custom made suit with a lighter fabric will keep you cool all summer.

One of the more popular fabrics these days that is making resurgence from the past is seersucker. Once known as the fabric of choice for Southern gentlemen, seersucker is now showing up all over the country. The lightweight fabric has a natural pucker to it that allows air flow, keeps it from weighing heavily on the skin, and doesn’t show wrinkles. For this reason, it’s an excellent choice when both the temperature and humidity rise.

Another fabric that’s making a come-back is linen. Once popular for men’s suits, linen is returning because of its comfort and durability. Linen doesn’t pill or cause lint, so it wears well. It can be ironed to crisp pleats, giving the wearer a sharp look. Linen is also easy to clean, and is naturally stain resistant. Linen’s downfall, however, is that it wrinkles and creases easily. It is always advisable to iron your linen suits before wearing.

Cotton is an often overlooked fabric that is excellent for suits and creates a lightweight, easy to care for garment. Cotton has many colors and weights available and blends well with other fibers. It is easy to clean and irons well, but because of its tendency to shrink, it is recommended that you dry clean your custom cotton suits.