When preparing for a special event, formalwear may be required attire. These types of events are often landmark moments in people’s lives. For men, this may mean wearing tuxedos. Rather than renting one or purchasing a formal suit off-the-rack, he may prefer to rise to the occasion and choose a custom tuxedo. The fit, the look and the personal style of a customized creation are unmatched in comparison. There are several elements that set tailor made suits apart from other garments. These elements are applied to a custom tuxedo to provide the ideal fit and style for the individual and the occasion.


For the tuxedo that fits an individual’s unique shape, using standard sizes and making adjustments after the fact is not enough. Instead, the true custom tuxedo should be made to exact measurements. This requires the services of a custom tailor and the presence of the man who will be wearing it. Every dimension, curve and length must be measured precisely to achieve an exact fit. Some custom tailors will make an extra effort  to accommodate clients with the busiest schedules by making special visits if necessary.


Choosing fabric for a custom tuxedo requires many considerations. For example, the time of day, type of event and climate will all affect choices. Use of the proper color, grain and trim are critical to comfort and appearance. Shirt requirements are included in the process.

Basted Fitting

Once measurements have been taken, the tailor hand cuts the fabric and uses temporary white thread to baste the garment together. Once this critical step is accomplished, the individual will try on the basted tuxedo. Adjustments are then made as needed, including the shoulders, legs, lapels, waistline and cuffs. Once the changes have been noted, the garment can be completed.

Tuxedo Shirts

The fit of the shirt beneath the outer garment is important. This prevents buckling, pulling and other flaws in the fit. Much like custom dress shirts, custom formalwear shirts will have a precise fit and style unique to each individual.


There are numerous details that make customized formalwear unique to the wearer.  For example, the height and width of the lapel, the type and number of buttons, the placement of accessories, the colors and fabrics and the tie are all important details. The client and the tailor can discuss together what elements provide the most comfortable and flattering style. This is something that cannot be duplicated when buying formalwear off the rack.

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