There are many men who end up wearing a tuxedo more often than prom or their wedding. These men attend the occasional black tie event, and usually end up renting their formalwear. But tuxedo rentals add up over time. If you end up renting more than a couple of times, you’d be better off owning your own tux. If that’s the case, then you owe it to yourself to have a custom tuxedo made at Alan David NYC. A custom made tuxedo will fit you better and look better than anything you rent. And your custom tux will hold up better than anything off the rack, lasting for many years to come.

The process is easy. It starts with a visit with one of Alan David’s formalwear specialists. After determining your preferences, you will be measured for your tuxedo. Then a pattern is created and your tuxedo is temporarily hand sewn or basted. You then have a basted fitting, which is where you try on the garment. At this point detailed alterations can be made, such as letting out the shoulders or taking in the armholes. The lapels can also be modified, as can the general fit of the tux.

Once the basted fitting is over, your tuxedo will be expertly sewn in Alan David’s New York factory. Your tux will be finished by the finest tailors in the country. Your custom made tuxedo will fit you perfectly and look great for years of formal events.

While you are having your tuxedo made, don’t forget to look at Alan David’s entire line of formalwear accessories. Choose from custom made formal shirts, custom cummerbunds, and of course, custom bow ties. These details will ensure your tuxedo looks its best, and that you feel confident wearing it.